How To Write to Someone in Prison

Before you start 

The dos and dont's

            You Can                                                                      You Can't

Recall nice memories                                                       Threaten people
Tell more about yourself                                                  Write encrypted messages
Send jokes or anecdotes                                                  Write negativly about the prison
Write about your everyday life                                        Talk about crime
Ask questions about them                                              Mention drugs or prohitibited items  
Talk about the news                                                         Include pictures of people 
Offer words of comfort                                                    + no innuendo
Talk about significant moments that happen in their absence      

          Never put your address or where you live, always use our PO Box

What Should a First-Time Letter to a Prison Pen Pal Look Like?

Getting in touch with your prison pen pal can also be a reason to write a letter. These messages initially don’t have to be as long as those you write to your family or friends.
Since it isn’t always easy to start a correspondence with a stranger,
I’m writing to you because / I felt like getting in touch with you because [reason]

What sparked my interest is [explain further]
Here are some facts about me: [describe yourself and your hobbies, interests, etc.]

Open-ended questions:
I can’t wait to find out more about you! Tell me more about yourself. / What do you like? / What don’t you like? / What are your hobbies? / What are your favorite books or movies?

Looking forward to hearing from you. / Hope to hear from you soon. / All the best / Best regards

Please keep in mind it is not ezey to wright in prision 

There is no privacy in prison
The guards may not let you send out a letter
There can be a stigma around getting and receiving letters
It can put a target on your back if you are a young one
The odds are against getting many letters back
For some getting a letter from you may be all that keeps them going
Don’t stop writing to your pen pall even if you do not here back
Its good to know you are not alone 

Ron Hutchinson