Housing on prison release

Housing on prison relace.
One of the projects we passionately working on is developing somewhere for Ex-offenders on exiting prison. Have a safe place to live and find all the support there need to successfully integrate into society as a positive member of the community.
With life skills programs
Job support
Job training
Community engagement programs

DV  Perpetrator.

For so long we have focused on the victims of domestic violence which is important
But we believe if we are going to make lasting changes to one of our biggest social issues
We need to work on prevention.
We are developing programs to work with perpetrators of domestic violence to put a stop to the circle once and for all.

Right of passage being a healthy Man

Confronting my self

The New Man coping skills in a changing world

DV awareness  look what I have done

Detox from bad religon 

There is so much toxic religion out there and they are thriving.
In a time when we are losing our identity so fast
We can fill the void with all sorts of things Consumerism, Religion, Drugs and Alcohol
We believe that the answer to toxic religion is not no religion but good religion

How harmfull is this stuff anyway
Where do  i find my identity 
Lets stop the hate and start to love

Good foundations reclaiming healthy masculinity

  Youth crime and destructive behavers are on the rise
One way we believe we can help is by reintroducing a right of passage
Lets start drawing a line in the sand and tell our youth

You are responsible

You are an adult
Time to plant some firm foundations
You are the master of your own destiny
What is it to be a responsible member of a society
What is the outcome of taking control of your own life

 Micro Economy

We believe that through stimulating micro economy  we can help the people on the Fringes of society to develop skills that will help them to start and grow there own small businesses.

Coffee Van  barrister skills and small business skills
Vinal cutting  making signs, car decals and t shirts
IT building websites and running a online business

Community Gardens

Developing the skills to produce your own food.
Basic small farming skills
Food prep from the earth to the plate